• Housing woes have domino effect. If you haven't yet felt the impact of the nation's credit crisis, just wait. Chances are, you won't have to wait long. So far, the turmoil may feel a bit remote for average people: Failed
  • Targeting yield-spread-premium abuse. When a mortgage broker steers a borrower toward a high-rate loan for which the broker collects a rebate from the lender, that payment is called a yield spread premium. When the broker does so without
  • Senators don't rush into housing relief. Thousands of Americans may be losing their homes to foreclosure or facing hefty mortgage-payment resets, but the Senate appears to be in no rush to help. The House has passed several major housing-relief measures in
  • Freddie Mac woes may hit Countrywide. Countrywide Financial Corp. survived the first phase of the mortgage meltdown this summer thanks in part to a $2-billion investment from Bank of America. But the Calabasas-based lender suffered a major new setback Tuesday when
  • Bills would let judges remake mortgages. Congress is considering legislation that would allow bankruptcy court judges to rewrite loan terms for people at risk of losing their homes, a change that supporters say could save half a million borrowers from foreclosure
  • Crime scene: foreclosure. When homeowners moved away after a wave of foreclosures in Cleveland's working-class neighborhood of Slavic Village, crime took off. Slavic Village is known as the worst neighborhood in the nation for foreclosures. In a study
  • Evite el estrés financiero en estas festividades. Durante estas festividades aumenta la emoción de compartir momentos gratos entre familia, pero de igual manera aumentan las preocupaciones financieras para algunas personas. Poco a poco aquellos gastos insignificantes se tornan evidentes, y la
  • Quejas contra un plan de viviendas. Casas construidas en zonas de alto riesgo, con materiales deficientes o sin servicios públicos son algunas de las quejas que pesan en contra de las tres grandes inmobiliarias que participan en el programa de
  • House passes bill revamping mortgage lending. A bill aimed at protecting borrowers from abusive home loans passed the House yesterday evening but faces a tougher future in the Senate because of opposition by the mortgage industry and criticism from the Bush
  • Hidden mortgage fees. As foreclosures continue to plague the subprime market, a little-known industry practice is further hurting homeowners who are already having trouble keeping up with their ballooning mortgage payments: excessive and questionable fees. A recent study
  • ¿Te negaron el préstamo? Puede ser un error. Muchas familias necesitan solicitar préstamos, buscar otro empleo o comprar una póliza de seguro. Pero muchas veces la solicitud es negada por problemas en el reporte de crédito. Para que tengas una
  • Congress and the mortgage mess. The House will vote today on much needed legislation to curtail abusive mortgage lending. Last minute lobbying to weaken the bill is coming from all corners: from brokers who hawked the junk loans, lenders who
  • Foreclosures hit a snag for lenders. A federal judge in Ohio has ruled against a longstanding foreclosure practice, potentially creating an obstacle for lenders trying to reclaim properties from troubled borrowers and raising questions about the legal standing of investors in
  • California, Florida lead metros in home foreclosures. More homeowners across the USA are having trouble making mortgage payments on time, but borrowers in metro areas of California, Florida and other once-booming housing markets are accounting for the biggest spikes in foreclosure filings,
  • Valor de las propiedades cae. A lo largo y ancho de Estados Unidos, pero sobre todo en los vecindarios de mayor concentración de minorías, el valor de las propiedades caerá en un total de 223,000 millones de dólares
  • Peligros ocultos en el hogar. Como muchas amas de casa, usted probablemente aspira o barre a diario todos los rincones de la casa; limpia el polvo de muebles y cortinas; desinfecta baños, cocina, vajilla y juguetes y lava la
  • Prisoners of debt. In a financial version of Night of the Living Dead, debts forgiven by bankruptcy courts are springing back to life to haunt consumers. Fueling these miniature horror stories is an unlikely market in which seemingly
  • Reclame su seguro de incendio. Si tu hogar fue dañado por los recientes incendios en California, exígele a tu compañía de seguros que cumpla. Tú pagaste puntualmente tus cuotas mensuales; ahora le toca a ella responderte. Los ú
  • Collecting insurance after a disaster. In the aftermath of Southern California's devastating wildfires, you might be thinking more about your insurance. If your house is damaged or destroyed, what can you expect from your insurance company? How quickly will you

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