• California a merced del robo de identidad. El robo de identidad es uno de los delitos de mayor crecimiento en Estados Unidos. De acuerdo con la Comisión Federal del Comercio (FTC) nueve millones de estadounidenses han sido víctimas de este
  • Prepárese bien para declarar impuestos. Organizar todos los documentos, datos y formularios de recaudación de impuestos con anticipación, es una manera práctica para evitar que todo se le acumule a último momento para hacer la declaración.
  • Taxes: Don't think of filing early. Get ready for another tricky tax season. Some last-minute tax legislation by Congress has once more turned something predictable and tedious into something that's confusing and, well, tedious. This time, it waited so long to
  • What's behind the offers to raise credit scores?. A host of companies have cropped up in the last year that offer struggling subprime mortgage holders quick-fix programs aimed at raising their credit scores. Some of their methods include piggy-backing onto a stranger’s
  • Want to refinance: Don't sit around. Is it a refi renaissance? Or a fast-closing window of opportunity? Nobody can say for certain, but there's no doubt about this: Thanks to the lowest mortgage interest rates in a year and a half,
  • Reverse mortgages aren't for everyone. After her husband died, Ernestine Boach felt she needed financial guidance. It was 2003, and Boach had just turned 62. An adviser urged her to take out a reverse mortgage, available mainly to those 62 and older, and
  • Foreclosures, lenders' preferred fix. At a time when mortgage lenders were touting efforts to help homeowners avoid foreclosure, delinquent borrowers were almost twice as likely to lose their homes as they were to reach an agreement with their lender
  • Washington se lanza al rescate de la economía. Usted podría encontrar cientos de dólares extra en su bolsillo dentro de unos meses, y el gobierno está esperando que usted salga a gastarlos. Los reembolsos están surgiendo como el elemento clave
  • Modificarían préstamos en caso de bancarrota. Una nueva ley que modificaría las regulaciones sobre bancarrota permitiendo a los tribunales alterar las condiciones originales de un préstamo hipotecario está creando polémica entre banqueros, legisladores y organizaciones de apoyo al
  • Avoidable accidents can be costly lessons. The random wildfire, mudslide or earthquake aside, insurers say many losses can be prevented. Here's what you can do. Pam Copeland kicks herself when she even thinks about it. She was cooking bacon to season
  • Consumo de carne de animales clonados. El gobierno de Estados Unidos ha autorizado el consumo humano de carne y leche provenientes de animales clonados, confirmó ayer la Oficina de Alimentos y Medicinas (FDA). El organismo regulador del gobierno indicó que tanto
  • Apoyo en crisis de hipotecas. Un nuevo respiro para propietarios de viviendas que no han podido estar al corriente con el pago de su hipoteca y corren el riesgo de perder la propiedad viene en camino con un acuerdo que
  • States probe banks' role in risky loans. Authorities in New York and Connecticut are investigating whether Wall Street banks hid crucial information about high-risk loans bundled into securities that were sold to investors, Connecticut's Attorney General said Saturday. The investigations, first reported
  • Housing scams more than double. Federal mortgage fraud convictions have more than doubled in the past year, and the FBI expects a growth in foreclosure scams as the crisis over substandard, high-interest home loans escalates. Foreclosure rates for these mortgages,
  • Lenders compete for those with good credit. Remember trying to refinance during the real estate boom? You were lucky if your broker or lender returned your calls within two weeks. How that has changed since the bust of the subprime market last
  • Few lifeboats for people with mortgage troubles. The rolling tsunami of home-loan delinquencies and foreclosures is exposing serious problems in the mortgage industry's capacity to quickly handle borrowers' requests for help -- whether loan modifications, rate freezes or short sales to ward
  • Cleveland sues 21 banks for home loans gone bad. The city of Cleveland, an epicenter of the nation's home foreclosure crisis, has sued 21 banks, claiming their subprime lending practices created a public nuisance that hurt property values and city tax collections. The lawsuit was
  • Underwater mortgage? How to stay afloat. There's hardly a homeowner out there who doesn't cringe at the thought of how far their home's value has sunk over the past year. But for those who find that they owe their mortgage lender

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