• Lack of affordable housing fuels reverse migration. The search for affordable housing is driving a new migration pattern. Instead of moving from the dust bowl states to California, today’s financial woes push people from high-cost coastal cities to the
  • On 107-degree day, APS cut power to customers. If Arizona Public Service hadn't cut off her electricity last September, Stephanie Pullman might still be alive today. On August 23, 2018, the utility mailed a warning letter to the 72-year-old’s home in Sun
  • Earthquake insurance: Is it worth it?. “'No one can predict the future,” Ridout said. “But generally, homeowners are better served by putting their money into bolting the house to its foundation or other safety upgrades rather than premiums.'
  • A new approach on housing affordability. A growing number of Americans are struggling to cope with the high and rising cost of rental housing in the United States. Democratic presidential candidates are promoting industrial-strength plans to ease the pain. The ideas
  • 5 tips on managing the boomerang generation. The “boomerang generation” has been around for two decades, and it does not appear to be going away anytime soon. Young adults today are more likely to live with their parents than previous


  • How many credit bureaus are in the U.S.?. In addition to those large bureaus, dozens of other consumer-reporting companies, sometimes called specialty agencies, gather and sell personal data to landlords, employers and other decision-makers. "These specialty agencies focus in on a particular
  • Crackdown targets robocallers. Federal and state authorities announced that they had targeted dozens of robocallers accused of placing an estimated 1 billion spam calls to consumers, a crackdown they said should send a signal about the government’s
  • ThinkFinance to pay back $39.7 million on payday loans. A Fort Worth financial firm will cancel its outstanding loans and pay nearly $40 million to consumers after engaging in an alleged payday lending operation that used Native American tribes as shields from state laws. Think
  • Wells Fargo's mistakes cost people their homes. About nine years ago, Zsa Zsa Monique Conyers begged Wells Fargo to keep working with her to lower her mortgage payments. She had just lost her job, and the single mom was struggling to pay
  • Landmark deal reached on NY rent protections. Newly empowered Democratic leaders in Albany announced a landmark agreement on Tuesday to strengthen New York’s rent laws and tenant protections, seeking to address concern about housing costs that is helping drive the

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