• Asian accent renters faced discrimination from landlords (Chinese). 儘管聯邦住屋公平法(Fair Housing Act)施行屆滿50年,然而全美年度住屋歧視仍高達400萬件,希望公平住屋中心(HOPE Fair Housing Center)執行主任侯塔琳(Anne V. Houghtaling)表示,華裔民眾在租屋或購房時,最常遇到的「變相歧視」,就是屋主一得知是華人,就以「房子已經不賣或不租了」作為拒絕藉口。
  • How Democrats plan to save the consumer bureau. Newly empowered House Democrats are vowing an all-out fight to salvage the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in the face of the Trump administration's drive to curb the agency's power.
  • Utility customers could pay for wildfire damage. As wildfires ravage large swaths of California for a second year, one of the state’s biggest utilities has declared that it faces billions of dollars in potential liability — far more than its
  • Online lenders charge minority borrowers more too. It’s not just bank loan officers with racial biases who discriminate against black and Latino borrowers. Computer algorithms do, too. That is the groundbreaking conclusion of University of California at Berkeley researchers who
  • John Oliver segment features CFPB under attack. According to John Oliver, president Trump has failed to "drain the swamp" and instead put people in power who actively pursue relationships with special interest groups. In the penultimate episode of HBO's


  • Owning someone else's home makes you rich. In the United States more than almost anywhere else, wealth and income are concentrated among business owners and landlords. And that club, blessed by capitalism, is becoming increasingly difficult to join. Business owners and landlords
  • Student loan debt impacts millennial homebuyers. Student loan debt is impacting some first-time Millennial homebuyers. MagnifyMoney, a LendingTree-affiliated online site that helps consumers compare financial products, recently looked at student loan debt and Millennial average net worth. There were some
  • After the hurricane came the con. As towns along the Florida Panhandle start to assess the damage from Hurricane Michael and plan their next steps, homeowners in Long Island offer a cautionary tale of how natural disasters can leave a different
  • Lenders reveal their secret sauce to Credit Karma. While currently lenders are only sharing their process for approval of personal loans or credit cards, larger loans such as auto or mortgage could be the next step. Credit Karma explained that this revelation will
  • Blue-collar jobs are booming, just not for women. Well-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree are multiplying at the fastest rate in three decades, offering more Americans a path to the middle class. But economists warn one group
  • An A.I. (artificial intelligence) glossary. The last six years have witnessed breakthroughs in everything from self-driving cars to algorithms that can detect diseases, and social networks like Twitter that rely on “artificial intelligence” (A.I.) to determine what

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