• Here’s how Trump could dismantle Wall Street reform. For years, Wall Street has complained that restrictions placed on the industry after the financial crisis went too far and were too costly. Those concerns didn’t generate much sympathy — until now. President Trump has…
  • Dems fight Trump's takedown of Dodd-Frank. Democrats are preparing for a battle over President Trump’s push to dismantle the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, which analysts said will be difficult to accomplish without bipartisan support.
  • Stop lying to yourself about money. A friend recently joked to me about how people sometimes resort to “alternative facts” when it comes to their money. And it’s true. They tell themselves falsehoods, such as: “I’m not really responsible for a…
  • 10 tax forms you need to know before you file. Schedule A is for itemizing your deductions — property taxes, charitable contributions, mortgage interest, state taxes, medical expenses or one of myriad other options. Its tax-bill-reducing powers make it one of the single most valuable…
  • NY City bill on Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (Chinese). 市議會昨(1日)召開全體會議通過多條法案,其中包括將提高老人免加租收入上限的法律續延到2020年,以及給予沒按規定在每件商品上貼價格標籤的超市或食品店一次改正錯誤避免罰單的機會。老人免加租是一項針對耆老的房屋福利,按照目前的規定62歲以上的老人,2014年的一條法案將享受這項福利的耆老家庭收入從之前的2萬9000元以下提高到5萬元,使2萬4000名之前不符合資格的老人得到這項福利。符合收入規定的耆老,居住在租金管制、租金穩定、Mitchell Lama房屋或租金管制長租旅館中,房租漲到收入的三分之一以上的,都可以享受免加租福利,房東因此損失的福利由政府補齊。
  • New regime plans to 'trump' consumer protections. Statement by Linda Sherry, Director, National Priorities, Consumer Action President Trump’s announcement today to dismantle the Dodd-Frank financial protection law and cripple the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) puts average Americans’ finances at risk.  U.S.…
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - February 2017. The February 2017 issue of Consumer Action's monthly newsletter introduces two new guides (one on savvy online shopping and another on updates to the Earned Income Tax Credit); introduces our latest annual report; teaches you how to avoid paying for your paid tax preparer's mistakes; details a series of online banking webinars; and more.
  • San Francisco sues Trump over order on sanctuary cities. San Francisco sued President Trump on Tuesday over his executive order to defund jurisdictions that are so-called “sanctuary cities,” the latest salvo in what promises to be a long battle between liberal cities and states…


  • How to tell if you've got the right finanical advisor. Anyone can call himself or herself a financial advisor or a financial planner. There are no education, experience or ethics requirements for using those titles. If you want someone who puts your interests first, look for…
  • Hands off the Consumer Finance Bureau. Some congressional Republicans are calling on President Trump to summarily fire Richard Cordray, the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Their push to remove Mr. Cordray, whose term runs until July 2018, is the…
  • Foreclosure prevention returns to the unknown. After an eight-year run, a troubled government effort to prevent foreclosures and keep struggling borrowers in their homes came to an end last month.  But Republican-led Washington has no intention of replacing it. So now…

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