• Congress should jump at chance to side with consumers. Fine print has never been the friend of consumers, and in recent years the perils have escalated as financial institutions have drawn up clauses that deny customers effective redress in disputes. To counteract that, the…
  • There's money to be made in taking complaints. A new breed of human resources start-ups is cropping up to help companies figure out how their employees feel. Like Glint, Convercent lets companies send customized “pulse” surveys, gather confidential responses in real time, and…
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - August 2017. The August 2017 issue of Consumer Action's monthly newsletter updates readers on a recent national net neutrality "day of action"; describes our congressional testimony in support of defrauded student loan borrowers; cautions against investing in settlements; describes our updated California LifeLine phone program publication; and more.


  • White economic privilege is alive and well. Is the white working class losing economic ground because of policies intended to improve the lives of black people? Anxiety and resentment among some white voters about those policies certainly seemed to benefit Donald Trump’s…
  • New York Chinese renters lost thousands to fake landlords (Chinese). (星島日報李志宏紐約報道)紐約市警發布消息稱,有3名嫌犯在法拉盛、積臣泰(Jackson Heights)、東艾姆赫斯特地區涉嫌詐騙,他們在臉書上發布出租公寓的消息,假冒房東與受害者交易,騙取數千元現金。 據警方消息,這3名嫌犯都是與受害者相約在路邊,嫌犯將鑰匙和押金收據給受害者,並以現金形式收取受害者押金,受害者達到公寓時才發現公寓早已被租出去了。4月1日,一名嫌犯與一名40歲的受害者約在積臣泰31大道77-01號前,受害者支付了嫌犯1400元租房押金;4月21日,一名25歲的受害者在積臣泰70街41-62號前與嫌犯見面,交給嫌犯1800元押金;2日後,另一名受害者與嫌犯相約在東艾姆赫斯特Jackson Mill路94-22號,受害者被騙1800元;6月6日,一名受害者在法拉盛北方大道137-58號前與一名嫌犯見面,並給其押金1500元。警方已公布3名嫌犯的照片,呼籲知情者能夠撥打止罪熱線1(800)577-TIPS (8477)、登錄止罪網站 或發送短信 TIP577 至 274637(CRIMES)提供線索,警方絕對保密報警消息之來源。
  • Let consumers sue banks. In a dispute with your bank or credit card issuer, don’t assume you can seek justice by joining other aggrieved customers in a class action lawsuit. You probably surrendered your right to join a group suit when…
  • Consumer Action opposes Congress's attack on class actions. Members of both the U.S. House and Senate took a hatchet to consumer protection today by introducing Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolutions to repeal the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) recent arbitration rule. The rule restores…
  • Hiring a bank lawyer to attack CFPB bank rules. President Trump and Republicans in Congress have broadcast their every intention to gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The president’s budget attempted to defund it and leading Republicans have called for its director to be…
  • Voters support CFPB, strict financial regulation. As Republicans push to overhaul Dodd-Frank, a new poll shows that voters favor strict regulation of financial institutions and the goals of the controversial CFPB. “By wide margins, voters want to see tough oversight of…

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