• Upward mobility is a myth. It’s an axiom among many Americans that each future generation will live better than its predecessor. Among many young Americans, however, there is downward mobility. The children aren’t achieving what they
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - August 2018. This month's INSIDER updates readers on recent events (including Public Citizen's Affordable Medicines Now conference, the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue’s annual meeting on the impact of technology on consumers, and the Credit Builders Alliance Training Institute); breaks down the pros and cons of a new California data protection law; tells the tale of a consumer who was charged too much for her out-of-country car rental due to "currency conversion" issues; updates readers on the latest happenings at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (which is currently under assault by its own director); gives information on our "coalition efforts" and lists the latest lawsuit settlements from our Class Action Database.
  • The top 10 things consumers complained about in 2017. False advertising of new and used cars, shoddy home improvement work, and deceptive retail sales tactics lead the towering list of complaints that consumers submitted last year. A new annual Consumer Federation of America (CFA)


  • CFPB advisory board 2.0: Far fewer members. Just as Mick Mulvaney fired members of a board that advises the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on consumer issues last month, the agency's acting director was also taking steps to re-form the panel with
  • Zillow expanding direct homebuyer program. Beginning in the fall of this year, Atlanta homeowners will be able to sell their home directly to Zillow, if they so choose. What makes Zillow’s direct buyer program different from other companies
  • Why do Republicans hate consumers?. Why do Republicans hate consumers so much? Seriously. It’s bizarre. Whenever they get the chance, Republican officials seem intent on bleeding consumers dry. Or at least celebrating others’ bloodletting.
  • Countdown to retirement: a five-year plan. For most of your working life, it wasn’t exactly a pressing concern. You might have pondered it for a few minutes as you skimmed your company’s benefits handout, checking to see
  • Protect the CFPB’s critical complaint process. Groups representing consumers, students, seniors, servicemembers, homeowners and underserved Americans joined forces today to tell the temporary leadership of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) that consumers need more—not less—access to

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