• Large student loan debt make millennials unable to afford homes (Chinese). 金融危機經濟大蕭條的十年後,美國學生貸款提高總額達到紀錄新高,房屋擁有率卻持續低於過去幾個世代,特別是那些原本是購房主力的年輕世代。哈佛大學住房研究共同中心資深副研究員史帕德(Jonathan Spader)表示,學生貸款沉重,年輕人被迫推遲購屋。
  • CFPB pursues first lawsuit of Mulvaney era. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is accusing an Irvine company of targeting pensioners with high-cost deceptive loans. The case filed in federal court in Santa Ana might not in recent years have garnered much attention,
  • The mortgage market is back, with new risks. As the overall mortgage market grows to a record size, the Federal Reserve is retreating from the sector it rescued, raising concerns about a potential uptick in volatility. And as the housing recovery and rising
  • We're measuring the economy all wrong. The notion that our most prominent economic indicators are problematic has been around for a long time. Kuznets himself, the economist who invented G.D.P. as we know it, cautioned people not to confuse
  • Hurricane Florence: how to evacuate your home. Hurricane Florence, which has led to evacuation orders in the Carolinas and Virginia, could bring conditions that people have not seen in their lifetimes. Here’s what you can do to get ready.
  • Are Americans ready for the next recession?. The way Americans interact with the financial system has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. And yet, for all the technological innovation, Americans’ fundamental relationship with the institutions that help them pay for homes,
  • Baby boomers are struggling to downsize. Rising mortgage rates, sky-rocketing home prices, and inventory shortages at the lower end of the market are converging to create a new housing crisis—this time for baby boomers, housing experts warn.
  • What we've already forgotten from the financial crisis. The recession suppressed American economic growth so severely that gross domestic product still has not recovered — and might never regain its lost output (by the reckoning of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco).


  • Breaking the taboo of talking about money. Many forces—the social taboo, the intimidation factor, embarrassment—conspire to keep us from talking about money and improving our circumstances. It’s time we all change the story and open up

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