• Should you really buy that home?. Falling in love with a house is easy when it seems to have everything you want. But what if there is more to the house than your eye can see?
  • Should you really buy that home?. Underground problems, bowed foundations, litigious homeowner associations and flips that are actually flops: A lot of things could put the brakes on a home purchase, and they might not be the things you notice while…
  • Why is 'affordable' housing so expensive to build?. It’s a problem that isn’t going away: the so-called “affordable” housing we’re building in many cities—by which we mean publicly subsidized housing that’s dedicated to low- and moderate-income households—is so expensive to build that we’ll…
  • What to do if your financial information is stolen. Contrary to what movies portray, the most common crimes are not Taken-style abductions or home invasions, but the theft of personal information.  "The most effective way to keep tabs on all of these accounts is…
  • Older consumers' biggest financial gripes. Older adults can be tempting targets for bad actors in the financial marketplace. Mortgages, debt collection and credit reports account for the bulk of complaints to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from consumers age 62…
  • How to plan for the unforeseen. Even thinking about an unexpected, life-changing event can be unsettling. But death or illness can happen at any time. Unfortunately, people do not plan for such events. And statistically, most younger people could go years…
  • The economy is humming and banks are cheering, for now. Good economic news may result in some backslapping this week for policy makers and regulators more accustomed in recent years to putting out financial fires than basking in improved economic well-being. However, there are plenty…
  • Monopoly Man photobombs Senate hearing on Equifax. The Monopoly Man made an appearance at the Senate Banking Committee hearing on the massive Equifax data breach.  Wearing a top hat, monocle, and white mustache, the character sat directly behind former Equifax (EFX) CEO…
  • Deciding the right path for shielding your credit report. In response to the breach, Equifax is now offering a year of free credit monitoring through its identity-theft prevention service, TrustedID Premier. The service gives you the option to freeze or lock your credit file…
  • Cuidado con la llave maestra de sus finanzas. El escándalo por la brecha de seguridad del bureau de crédito de Equifax ha puesto a muchos consumidores en guardia porque es como si 145.5 millones de personas hubiesen dejado la caja fuerte de sus…

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