• Treasury may help homeowners. The federal government may start guaranteeing home mortgages to persuade lenders to ease the monthly financial burden on struggling homeowners, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairman Sheila C. Bair said yesterday. The proposal, presented to the
  • Banks mine data and woo troubled borrowers. Brenda Jerez hardly seems like the kind of person lenders would fight over. For months after she emerged from insolvency last fall, 6 to 10 new credit card and auto loan offers arrived every week that specifically
  • Public likely to pay for rising personal bankruptcies. Matthew Shelbourn knows money. The 27-year-old Cerritos resident studied accounting as an undergrad at USC and kicked around various jobs in the financial sector before settling into his current gig as controller at an Anaheim
  • A return to thrift. Sometimes it takes a near-death experience to change bad behavior. Think of your friend who quit smoking after a coronary incident. Or look at how banks are reducing their dependency on debt after watching rivals
  • Second stimulus plan gains traction. An effort to boost the economy with a massive injection of public funds gained momentum yesterday, as Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke tentatively endorsed the idea of a new stimulus package and the Bush
  • Mortgage market remains intact. Everybody knows how severe and painful the global financial breakdown has been, with banks unwilling to lend even to other banks. But what about mortgages and real estate? Can you still get a home loan
  • Fixing common money mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. But when it comes to money, even little errors can prove devastating. Bruce McClary, communications director for Clearpoint Financial Solutions, recalls a senior on a tight budget who was getting along fine
  • With HOPE for Homeowners, you'll pay in long run. For homeowners trying to renegotiate their loans under the government's new HOPE for Homeowners program, please read the paperwork carefully - because once again, you'll be stuck with a costly mortgage deal. HOPE for Homeowners,
  • Buy a beach house when going bankrupt. Say an absentee landlord owns the house next to yours. Neither of you keep up your mortgage payments. If you both declare bankruptcy, chances are better that he would keep his place than you yours.
  • Good homeowners, bad loans. FOR those who championed a hands-off approach to the supervision of finance, the economic meltdown should have prompted reflection on the value of common-sense regulation. Unfortunately, a growing chorus in conservative circles is trying to
  • Lawmakers consider regulatory overhaul. As the nation's financial system continues to unravel, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say the U.S. government appears poised to enact sweeping changes to the spider web of agencies that regulate banks
  • Wall Street's turn to bolster confidence. Now, what was that about Hank Paulson having blown it? How he foolishly let Lehman Brothers go under and started a chain reaction that quickly turned into a financial meltdown? How he was so focused
  • Large, new stimulus package considered. With fears rising that the nation stands on the precipice of a prolonged recession, House Democrats are contemplating a huge infusion of public cash -- as much as $300 billion -- to stoke economic growth by
  • Both sides of the aisle see more regulation. For 30 years, the nation’s political system has been tilted in favor of business deregulation and against new rules. But that is about to change, now that the government has been forced to intervene in
  • $250 billion bank investment plan. President George Bush said this morning that the administration's "unprecedented and aggressive" plan to partly nationalize nine major banks was an "essential short term measure to ensure the viability " of a battered financial system. With
  • Consigue una modificación del préstamo. Addie Polk no quiso abrirle la puerta a la policía que venía a desalojarla. Hacía meses que no podía pagar la hipoteca que había financiado varias veces desde 1997, tres añ
  • Bailout has tax breaks for us. The mega-bailout package for Wall Street also contains about $150 billion in tax breaks for the rest of us. Some are new, but many are tax breaks that had either lapsed or were near expiration and
  • Consignment sales rise as economy falters. Patricia Ohlemiller packed up her Edmund Scientific Astroscan telescope last week and headed to the Gaithersburg iSold It eBay drop-off center. She hoped to recoup $150, minus commission, of its original $350 value. Planning to retire next
  • Tidal wave of foreclosures and bankruptcy reform. A wave of foreclosures will crest next year, forcing the new Congress to take up bankruptcy reform in 2009. At issue is a provision that prohibits judges from ordering banks to renegotiate mortgage terms with homeowners

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