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  • Bill would tighten mortgage lending standards. Barney Frank, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, yesterday unveiled legislation aimed at curbing abusive lending practices that, he said, have fueled an alarming
  • Largest lender to redo $16B in loans. Countrywide Financial plans to announce Tuesday that it will restructure or refinance $16 billion in adjustable-rate mortgages that have recently reset to higher rates or will
  • Criticism rains down on mortgage industry. Chetera Miller, a credit counselor for Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago, has noticed that lenders are becoming more willing to cut deals with delinquent borrowers.
  • Buyers pounce on foreclosures. MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 21 — In a down real estate market, they came to buy. They came early, they came in numbers and they came with bank checks
  • Serious about budgeting? Here's how. Sometimes the standard prescription for trimming a budget doesn't produce the desired results. So what do you do if you're still broke after fewer lattes
  • Knowing the rules results in tax savings. Achance remark on a column about year-round tax savings has prompted a few skeptical, if not downright cynical, responses. I mentioned that my wife, Georgina,
  • Vultures circle over distressed properties. Call them grave dancers, vulture funds, turnaround specialists or the more euphemistic "opportunity investors." However you identify them, the deal is the same: When hyperactive
  • Homeowners: Sell it yourself. The last time Sabrina Williams sold a home herself, she received a solid offer the first week, got her asking price of $319,000 and saved nearly $9,000
  • An unsavory slice of subprime. It's getting hard to wrap your brain around subprime mortgages, Wall Street's fancy name for junk home loans. There's so much subprime stuff floating around
  • Home Insurers Canceling in East. It is 1,200 miles from the coastline where Hurricane Katrina touched land two years ago to the neat colonial-style home here where James Gray, a retired
  • Countrywide is assailed in protest of policies. The Countrywide Financial Corporation, the nation’s largest lender and loan servicer, reported on Thursday that delinquencies and foreclosures in its portfolio were rising steeply.
  • Coalición busca evitar embargos de casas. Los principales actores del sector hipotecario en Estados Unidos, como son los bancos, los intermediarios inmobiliarios y la administración federal, han lanzado una campañ
  • National homeless number raises as Fed cuts housing program (Chinese). 【美聯社七日電】近年來,全國無家可歸者人數上升,麻省有官員將其歸咎於是由低收入,住屋費用高昂,住屋被銀主沒收增加,以及聯邦和州府削減房屋資助計劃等等造成。 聯邦跨部門無家可歸者問題委員會主任曼加諾說,來自聯邦房屋部的數據指出,每一個晚上全美國約有75萬名無家可歸者露宿街頭,其中約有4成是屬於無家可歸者家庭。他指出,現時美國整體無家可歸者的數字,已比數年前增加,但沒有人能夠準確指出無家可歸者家庭的確實數字,因為每一州的申報規定,明顯不同。他說:「我們渴望會有更多州份加強追查這種數據。」他希望各州進行研究得出數據,不要依靠猜測和道聽途說。
  • Credit scores need be good, not perfect. Whether you're considering buying a new home or refinancing an existing mortgage, credit scores matter more than ever. To find out what consumers need to
  • Tax relief for distressed but not the rest. In a tax-Peter-to-pay-Paul move, the House voted Thursday to permanently remove the "phantom income" tax penalty that haunts financially distressed homeowners whose debt is partially
  • Mortgages for those who lack credit history. CitiMortgage plans to announce today that it has set aside $200 million for mortgages to Washington area residents who have limited credit histories and therefore often

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