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  • Renovations rarely recoup their cost. Linda and Jose Rahona created a master bathroom with floor-to-ceiling tile, custom glass shower doors and sleek fixtures. It took three months of dust, tilers,
  • Mortgage freeze for subprime loans?. Mortgage rates for homeowners with spotty credit histories would be temporarily frozen under a nearly completed agreement between top Bush administration officials and a broad
  • Big rebukes on title company referrals. Rigged appraisals, lax underwriting and toxic loans may dominate the headlines, but they are hardly the only issues causing problems in residential real estate. The


  • Paulson says housing help is on the way. Passing squall or supersized economic blowout? However the housing and credit-market upheavals play out, they will shape the legacy of Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson
  • Subprime homeowners to study their loans with care (Chinese). 【明報專訊】根據昨日「環球洞察」(Global Insight)公布報告及種種預告,消費者行動發言人李嘉表示:08年將出現嚴重負債,華裔物業主及早做好準備工作,就還貸款狀況做到心中有數,必要時,尋求有關組織的幫助,避免屆時措手不及,承受經濟損失外,還失去房屋。 在上個月,「現在改革社區協會」(Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now)已發現,灣區近4,800名次級房貸者可能在未來幾年遭遇房屋回贖權被取消,物業主、城市與貸款機構將損失約15億元。取消房屋回贖權也會影響到鄰區房價,導致壓低房價約116億元。
  • Subprime loan collapses resulting in $54M losses (Chinese). 【明報專訊】昨日公布的一項經濟與次級房屋貸款(sub-prime mortgage)危機情況,給包括灣區在內的大城市帶來未來前景糟糕的不好消息。次級房貸的失敗將讓灣區負上54億元的代價。此外,美國市長協會即將在底特律召開集會,全美市長將共同商討應對房市危機的政策,希望業主和金融機構的攜手合作,能夠控制其影響範圍。 這份報告由甚有聲譽的「環球洞察」(Global Insight)作出預告分析,全國經濟會受貸款影響1,660億元,可能失去就業機會524,000個,此外2008年全國物業主的地產價值將損失1.2兆元。
  • Housing woes have domino effect. If you haven't yet felt the impact of the nation's credit crisis, just wait. Chances are, you won't have to wait long. So far, the
  • Freddie Mac woes may hit Countrywide. Countrywide Financial Corp. survived the first phase of the mortgage meltdown this summer thanks in part to a $2-billion investment from Bank of America. But
  • Bills would let judges remake mortgages. Congress is considering legislation that would allow bankruptcy court judges to rewrite loan terms for people at risk of losing their homes, a change that
  • Crime scene: foreclosure. When homeowners moved away after a wave of foreclosures in Cleveland's working-class neighborhood of Slavic Village, crime took off. Slavic Village is known as the
  • Quejas contra un plan de viviendas. Casas construidas en zonas de alto riesgo, con materiales deficientes o sin servicios públicos son algunas de las quejas que pesan en contra de
  • Hidden mortgage fees. As foreclosures continue to plague the subprime market, a little-known industry practice is further hurting homeowners who are already having trouble keeping up with their
  • Foreclosures hit a snag for lenders. A federal judge in Ohio has ruled against a longstanding foreclosure practice, potentially creating an obstacle for lenders trying to reclaim properties from troubled borrowers
  • Valor de las propiedades cae. A lo largo y ancho de Estados Unidos, pero sobre todo en los vecindarios de mayor concentración de minorías, el valor de las
  • Peligros ocultos en el hogar. Como muchas amas de casa, usted probablemente aspira o barre a diario todos los rincones de la casa; limpia el polvo de muebles y cortinas;
  • Prisoners of debt. In a financial version of Night of the Living Dead, debts forgiven by bankruptcy courts are springing back to life to haunt consumers. Fueling these
  • Reclame su seguro de incendio. Si tu hogar fue dañado por los recientes incendios en California, exígele a tu compañía de seguros que cumpla. Tú pagaste puntualmente
  • Collecting insurance after a disaster. In the aftermath of Southern California's devastating wildfires, you might be thinking more about your insurance. If your house is damaged or destroyed, what can

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