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  • Preparing for tax time. Here are two words that can get a person so riled up you would think you'd insulted his mama: tax time. Yes folks, no use
  • Holiday sales affected by subprime crisis (Chinese). 【美聯社十日電】目前,在全國範圍內因為房價的下跌,數以千計的私房屋主無法用房子做抵押,向銀行貸款支付他們從前的花銷。另外一些則由於抵押貸款利率的調整,導致無法負擔他們房屋每個月高昂的月供,而被銀行收走房屋。
  • Dodd bill targets mortgage abuses. Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd plans to introduce legislation today to end abuses in the subprime mortgage market that have contributed to record high
  • Con el plomo no se juega. En los últimos meses se ha hablado mucho sobre los juguetes que han retirado del mercado (Mattel, específicamente) por contener plomo, y varios padres
  • With home in the balance. From Faith Etheridge's tidy office in Frederick [MD], you can see the national foreclosure crisis unfold. And, sometimes, you can see a particular foreclosure stopped.
  • Bush confía en su plan hipotecario. El plan de rescate inmobiliario anunciado ayer por la Administración Bush tiene un alcance para una fracción de propietarios con hipotecas de alto
  • Nuevo récord de embargos. Los embargos hipotecarios a nivel nacional alcanzaron un nuevo récord durante el tercer trimestre del año, y durante este período más
  • Subprime ARM reset agreement reached. resident Bush will announce this afternoon an agreement with major mortgage firms to freeze interest rates for five years for financially troubled homeowners - a
  • FBI to heighten mortgage fraud probes. The FBI today will launch a mortgage fraud task force in its Washington field office, joining a widening net of state and local investigators digging
  • Credit counselors take center stage. In the middle of his speech yesterday on the administration's efforts to fix the mortgage crisis, Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. paused to carefully
  • Treasury Secretary outlines mortgage fix. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. unveiled new details of the Bush administration's mortgage-relief plan yesterday, including a proposal that would grant new powers to
  • Viene en camino ayuda hipotecaria. El secretario del Tesoro, Henry Paulson, dijo el lunes que estaba confiado en que pronto habrá un acuerdo para ayudar a los dueños de
  • Crédito sano, casa a la vista. Con todas esas noticias pesimistas sobre el sector de los bienes raíces se podría pensar que en este momento es casi imposible obtener
  • Foreclosure rehabbers bet on sales. MAPLE HEIGHTS, Ohio — After the unpaid mortgage bills, the creditor warnings and finally the sheriff's sale, it's sometimes left to a handy man like Adrian
  • Renovations rarely recoup their cost. Linda and Jose Rahona created a master bathroom with floor-to-ceiling tile, custom glass shower doors and sleek fixtures. It took three months of dust, tilers,
  • Mortgage freeze for subprime loans?. Mortgage rates for homeowners with spotty credit histories would be temporarily frozen under a nearly completed agreement between top Bush administration officials and a broad
  • Big rebukes on title company referrals. Rigged appraisals, lax underwriting and toxic loans may dominate the headlines, but they are hardly the only issues causing problems in residential real estate. The

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