• Houses stolen in mortgage fraud. Federal prosecutors Monday charged 19 individuals, mainly from Southern California, with defrauding homeowners in trouble partly by using "foreclosure rescue pitches" and an equity-draining technique called equity stripping. Two indictments made public Monday accused Charles Head, 33,
  • Estadounidenses ya empezaron a ahorrar. Durante meses, los estadounidenses han sido bombardeados por todo tipo de malas noticias en el frente económico: aumenta el desempleo, suben los precios de la gasolina, se hunde el mercado inmobiliario, trepa la inflació
  • Inesperado aumento en venta de viviendas. Luego de caer durante seis meses consecutivos, la venta de viviendas en Estados Unidos registró un incremento inesperado en febrero, informó ayer una organización que agrupa a corredores de bienes raíces. La Asociació
  • Not to late to refinance home. Earlier this year, when mortgage rates dipped below 6% for the first time since 2005, homeowners rushed to refinance costlier loans. In fact, more than six out of 10 mortgage applications so far this year have been for
  • Foreclosure fairs offer support to homeowners. MERCED, Calif. — An overflow crowd piled into the Merced Civic Center, spilling out of the main auditorium, into the halls and down the stairs. Some brought babies, others elderly parents. Everyone brought their paperwork — the
  • Free ride for some pay-to-save energy users. Cheaters are pocketing millions of dollars a year from increasingly popular utility programs that pay consumers and businesses to conserve energy, industry officials say. Businesses that don't cut their power usage at all reap windfalls.
  • Why we borrow till it hurts. If the subprime mortgage mess has taught us anything, it is that we are leverage addicts. Nearly all of us are - from Northern Virginia, where we bought big houses with no money down, to
  • Consider carefully selling downturned stocks. Are you an investor convinced that stock prices can go no place but down? And did you once believe housing prices could go no place but up? Predictably, many investors who believed in the housing
  • Treasury: $100 minimum securities purchase. The Treasury Department deals in billions and even trillions of dollars, but it can think small, too. Officials announced Friday that starting next month, individuals will be able to buy Treasury securities, including Treasury Inflation-Protected
  • Help from HUD to simplify statement. Almost anyone who has bought a house or taken out a mortgage in recent years knows the problems: Lenders' "good-faith estimates" of loan and settlement fees provided at application are too often off the mark.
  • Democrats, Bush square off over housing relief. Now that the Federal Reserve has pledged billions of dollars to rescue Wall Street bankers from possible default, lawmakers and regulators are turning their attention to helping average citizens -- from homeowners in danger of
  • Amplían rescate inmobiliario. El gobierno federal autorizó ayer a Freddie Mac y Fannie Mae, las más grandes operadoras hipotecarias del país, a reducir sus reservas estratégicas, con el fin de usar el capital cautivo para
  • Temor a más fraudes hipotecarios. Expertos en el mercado de bienes raíces temen que la ayuda económica aprobada por el gobierno federal para aliviar el sector inmobiliario, aunado a las diversas rebajas en tasas de interés adoptadas
  • Democrats draft plans for distressed homeowners. After the collapse over the weekend of one of Wall Street's biggest investment banks, Democrats in Congress said they plan to move quickly on legislation aimed at stabilizing financial markets by helping as many as 2
  • A good name dragged down. One man went into a Glen Burnie, Md., Toyota dealership to buy a car, only to be told that a name check revealed he was on a U.S. Treasury Department watchlist of suspected terrorists
  • Behind cheaper credit, inflation fears loom. The Federal Reserve Board's rate cut yesterday increased the chances that months of Fed moves could start to trickle down to homeowners in time to ease the pain when adjustable-rate mortgages reset this year. And
  • Ordenan cierre de seis firmas hipotecarias. La Oficina del Procurador General del estado de California clausuró ayer seis oficinas hipotecarias de la zona metropolitana de Los Ángeles, alegando que los dueños emplearon métodos ilícitos para ofrecer "préstamos
  • Why mortgage rates are still heading higher. The Federal Reserve is likely to cut interest rates again Tuesday, but don't expect mortgage rates to go down too. In fact, home loans could be heading higher. Consider recent history: The Fed issued an
  • End of cheap credit hits homes, businesses. Mounting turmoil in credit markets could realign the finances of households and businesses, as banks scramble to bolster their balance sheets and jettison risky customers. For consumers, it could mean fewer credit card offers. For

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