• Bill would narrow second home tax loophole. Deep in the nearly 700 pages of the new housing bill is a complicated change in the tax code that could affect substantial numbers of people who purchase second homes or investment real estate in the
  • Your first negotiation: The agent's commission. Home sellers could save money by thinking of real estate commissions as an agent's asking price. It's something that's open to negotiation. A new survey shows that sellers who were successful in negotiating lower commissions
  • Don't fall for the mortgage rip offs. A little-known provision in the Housing and Economic Recovery Act, recently signed into law by President Bush, is supposed to help home buyers understand how much debt they are taking on to purchase their home.
  • Housing tax credit is free $7,500 loan. Anyone who has been hesitant about jumping into real estate until conditions settle down should keep in mind these dates: April 9, 2008, through June 30, 2009. They mark the eligibility time span for the home-purchase tax credit created
  • 'Serious times' for new federal housing agency. The director of the new agency regulating Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac told hundreds of his employees yesterday that they face a difficult task in addressing the challenges that have rocked the two housing finance


  • Housing tax 'credit' is really a loan. There's been a lot of discussion about how much the new housing bill passed by Congress will help individuals facing foreclosure. Some will be able to keep their homes, to be sure. But there's a
  • Bush enacts law to ease home crisis. President Bush yesterday signed two of the most significant measures of his presidency -- one the most sweeping housing legislation in decades and the other an extension of his massive global program to combat AIDS
  • Mortgage applications hit a 2008 low despite lower rates. Mortgage application volume tumbled 14.1% the week ended July 25, hitting its lowest level of the year, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association's weekly application survey. The number of applications fell even though interest rates on fixed-rate
  • Housing rescue bill may fall short. Is it a remedy for the worst housing slump the nation has suffered in decades? Or merely a taxpayer-funded bailout that will fail to reverse the plunge in home prices, the surge in foreclosures and
  • ¿A quién ayudará la ley de rescate?. El Senado de Estados Unidos aprobó el proyecto de ley que busca apuntalar al sector hipotecario y que autorizaría préstamos por miles de millones de dólares a las empresas hipotecarias Fannie Mae
  • Housing bill unlikely to perform miracles. Even as a huge bipartisan majority in the Senate voted yesterday to send a sprawling housing bill to the White House, economists, consumer advocates and other analysts said the package of programs for struggling homeowners
  • Property tax relief, without itemizing. The giant federal housing and foreclosure relief legislation heading for enactment contains a little-noticed - but potentially far-reaching - change in real estate tax policy. It would permit millions of homeowners who do not itemize
  • Consumers fall further behind financially. Americans' household finances are bad and getting worse, and that spells trouble for the economy for the rest of the decade, according to a study by Moody's Consumers are behind schedule in payments
  • Thousands flock for a chance at loan relief. The homeowners started lining up at 4 a.m. yesterday, some, like Patricia Ephraim, coming for a second or third day. Ephraim, who lives in Silver Spring, MD. was among the thousands of distressed borrowers drawn
  • Huge housing bill set to become law. The House yesterday easily approved legislation that seeks to slow the steepest slide in house prices in a generation, rescue hundreds of thousands of homeowners at risk of foreclosure and reassure global markets that mortgage-finance
  • Se vislumbra el rescate inmobiliario. La Cámara Baja aprobó ayer un amplio proyecto de vivienda que ayudará a más de 400 mil propietarios a evitar el embargo de sus hogares, permitiéndoles refinanciar a intereses bajos y fijos. Proveerá
  • El costoso rescate de las hipotecarias. El rescate federal de las gigantescas empresas hipotecarias Fannie Mae y Freddie Mac podría costar a los contribuyentes hasta 25,000 millones de dólares, dijo ayer el director de la Oficina Presupuestaria del Congreso, Peter
  • Mortgage crisis reverses tide of urban renewal. On Reservoir Hill, just north of downtown Baltimore, one of this city's most hopeful revitalization projects is falling apart. Over the past two years, 95 properties have fallen into foreclosure. On one dismal street, three blocks
  • Congress to limit down-payment assistance. Mortgage programs that helped nearly 79,000 people buy homes using government-insured loans last year would be eliminated as part of a broader housing package that Congress expects to pass this week, key lawmakers said. Under these

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