Sunday, October 05, 2008

Wall Street Versus America Cover Art

Wall Street Versus America

Author: Gary Weiss
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
ASIN: 9781591841630

About This Book

Gary Weiss, a business reporter, looks of what really happens in every corner of the financial system: from Internet tip sites and boiler rooms, to fee-happy mutual funds and hedge funds, to the bluest of blue-chip securities firms. With anecdotes and character studies, Wall Street Versus America tells how investors are being victimized—while sleepy regulators, biased arbitrators, and the media all look the other way.

You'll learn, for instance, how respectable institutions such as Bear Stearns and Morgan Stanley push the ethical envelope, and how Washington, under both Democrats and Republicans, simply has not kept up with innovations in Wall Street greed.

Gary Weiss's book is about the dark side of Wall Street—not just a few bad apples, but a whole rotten barrel.




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